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Church Theme:  "A Church With A Vision"
Where there is no vision the people perish...Proverbs 29:18.
What is "vision"?  It is the power of seeing with the eye, that is; - a sense of sight yet the meaning goes beyond this.  What is "vision"?  A sight as in a dream.  Nevertheless, being a people of God, the word "vision" has a special significance for us.  Again, what is "vision"?  It is the ability to discern the things not actually visible by supernatural revelation.  To have this ability we must be a person of faith, which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen - (Heb. 11:1).  We realize that God's people "walk by faith, not by sight".
Throughout biblical history God's people have cherished the visions from Him.  They have bought a word from the Lord and have walked by faith.  The people of Small Chapel Church have been no different.
Small Chapel Church was organized in  the year of 1915 under the pastorate of Sister Hattie Barnes.  Not having a building to have church in; they began having only prayer meeting at the home of Brother and Sister Tom Small.  Later they were given an old pack-house.  They began to clean it out in order to continue on with the Lord's will.  They then began to have church in the first 'small Chapel'; which, was located down the path of the old Small Chapel Road.  The first mother of the church was Sister Bertha Small.  The first deacons were Brother Tom Small and Brother Columbus Johnson.  Trustees were Brother Jack Snead and Brother Tom Small.  The other members were Sister Ila Walker and Sister Eva Vinson.

Succeeding Sister Barnes, Brother Silas Johnson took over and continued to carry the Word of God.  Bishop Terry succeeded Bishop Johnson.  Still keeping the vision in mind, Bishop Terry searched out to build the first small Chapel Church; which was a small plank church building.  Following Bishop Terry's pastorate, Brother Connie Patterson picked up and continued with God's Word. God showed Brother Patterson a new vision and he set out to build a new Small Chapel building. This was church building number two.  
Bishop J.P. McNeil continued to carry the Word and uphold the vision after Brother Patterson left.  Following Bishop J.P. McNeil's move to our Headquarters' church, Bishop Hodges came to Small Chapel to continue feeding God's people.  Following Bishop Hodges ministry, God sent to us , Bishop C.C. McNeil.  During his stay Sister Bertha Small  was appointed assistannt pastor.  Also, Brother Leonard Lofton was make deacon.  After Bishop McNeil's 17 years stay with the church God sent another Holy Ghost filled preacher, - Elder Singleton.  Elder Singleton continued to encourage us to seek after the vision.  With hopes of yet another new church, Elder Singleton and deacon Lofton, who was now called into the ministry, sought to make the vision a reality.
Although Elder Singleton left before the vision of yet another new church building became a reality, God sent us yet another young dreamer with a vision, - Bishop R.B. Mott who is our present pastor.  Bishop Mott came to us in the month of November 1980.  In 1981 Bishop Mott and Bishop Lofton with God's help and the help and aid from surrounding churches were able to purchase two acres of land.  Through prayer and hard work the  new Small Chapel Church building (#3) was finally released to us in 1989. We now have a fellowship hall, office rooms and a baptistry that was added on.  Thank God for the vision and the victory.
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